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SUREnergy is uniquely positioned to provide America with a cost-effective option for those individuals, farms, schools, commercial businesses and local governments looking to achieve energy independence through Sustainable Use of Renewable EnergyTM provided by select offering of wind turbines. The world’s focus on clean, renewable energy sources enables all of us to reduce carbon emissions, by utilizing the Federal tax incentives and State grants now available to help reduce the purchase cost of wind turbines.

Contact SUREnergy, for a no obligation, free Wind Energy Assessment for your location.

SUREnergy handles the complete installation of your wind turbine, from design, excavation, foundation pad, tower and turbine placement, utility interconnection, commissioning, site restoration and maintenance upon completion.

The 5 Things You Should Know About Renewable Wind Energy Systems

    Environmentally Friendly

    With renewable wind energy, you will not only save money, but also protect our environment. These installations are CO2 free. Installing a typical 100kW wind energy system elimiates 2,500 tons of Greenhouse Gas (CO2), which is equal to planting 500 acres of trees or eliminating 5.5 million auto miles off the road over a typical 20 year life of the system.

    The Most Cost Effective Renewable Energy System You Can Buy

    Installing a wind power turbine means that you'll be sucking power right out of nature from a completely sustainable resource that's been blowing by you every day for your entire life and won't ever go away. This means that every single day you'll be saving the money you'd otherwise be paying out to big energy companies for your power. In fact, if you utilize enough wind turbines (and solar technology), you could very well be able to produce more energy than you need, which can then be sold back to the power companies. And just as importantly, wind energy also eliminates the risk of future increases in fuel prices.

    US First

    Wind power produces more jobs per watt produced than all other energy platforms, including oil and coal. And with SUREnergy systems, 100% of those jobs are right here in the United States.

    New Construction or Renovated Homes

    If you implement green, renewable energy systems, you break your dependence on the big power companies. Why be a slave to a corporation when you could provide for yourself everyday, using things that exist all around you in nature?

    Practically No Maintenance Costs

    Each of our wind energy systems has been engineered for improved efficiencies and low maintenance and reduced risk of downtime so there will be no need to spend your money or your valuable time on maintenance. There are no condensers, burners or chimneys to clean as is the case with fossil-burning installations. We have done our part for the environment, now it is time for you to make a move! Give us a call and let’s sit down and discuss your new energy-efficient project.


Prepare a wind assessment for your location.

Evaluate your electricity consumption.

Determine size of wind turbine needed.

Identify availability of Federal, State and Local Grants.

Provide a quotation and a projection of performance and payback.

Obtain all zoning, building and construction permits.

Develop engineering, electrical and site design.

Excavate and install foundation pad.

Erect wind turbine and secure interconnection.

Site restoration and five year maintenance program.

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