225kW Wind Power

Agricultural/Businesses, Small Communities, Schools, Resorts, Islands, Remote Locations

The turbine is characterized by simplicity in terms of its design and usage of proven technology, resulting in low maintenance costs. This model has been successfully in operation for many years under tough conditions, while generating excellent returns.

Given the ongoing trend for higher capacity machines, the GWP 30 is perfectly positioned for smaller scale wind farms at locations where demand for electricity is less high or where bigger turbines are simply not an option due to installation limitations.

Turbine System

Model SURGWP 98-225
Rated Kilowatt Output 225kW
Cut-In Wind Speed 4 m/s (8.9 mph)
Cut-Out Wind Speed 25 m/s (56 mph)
Rated Wind Speed 15 m/s (34 mph)
Max Design (Survival) Wind Speed 67 m/s (150 mph)
Weight (lbs.) 25,860
Design Lifetime (yrs) 20

Turbine Rotor

Number of Blades 3
Orientation Upwind
Axis (nominal) Horizontal
Rotation Clockwise
Blade Material Fiberglass/Epoxy
Rotor Diameter 29.1 m (95.4 ft)
Swept Area 698 m² (7,148 ft²)
Rotor RPM at rated output power 37 rpm
Speed Control Microprocessor
Normal Shutdown Brake Pressure sensitive blade tip brake
Emergency Shutdown Brake Mechanical disk brake
Blade Pitch Control  
Yaw Control Active, electromechanically driven with wind direction


Type Closed, 4-pole, single wound, induction, IP54
Voltage 480 VAC
Frequency (Hz) 60/50


Type 3 stage hollow shaft

Brake System

Type Manual
Mechanical Disk Brake

Support Towers

Type & Material Lattice /Monopole
Conical steel monopole


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