1000kW Wind Power

Agricultural / Businesses, Small Communities, Schools Resorts Islands Remote Locations

Our Wind Electric Generators (WEGs) are designed to withstand severe environment conditions. The robust design ensures higher level of safety, reliability and a longer life span.

The 1000W turbine is equipped with microprocessor controlled Optitip pitch regulation, ensuring continuous and optimal adjustment of the angles of the blades in relation to the prevailing wind. The Optitip system is the best solution to the often contradictory requirements for high output and low sound levels depending on the location.

This turbine is also equipped with a state of the art Lightning Protection system. This protects the entire turbine from the tips of the blades to the foundation.  The system conducts almost all lightning strikes harmlessly past the sensitive parts of the nacelle and down into the earth. As an extra safety measure, the delicate control units and processors in the Wind Turbine are also protected by an efficient shielding system.

Turbine System

Model SURNOR 194-1000
Rated Kilowatt Output 1000kW
Cut-In Wind Speed 4 m/s (8.9 mph)
Cut-Out Wind Speed 22 m/s (49 mph)
Rated Wind Speed 16 m/s (35.7 mph)
Max Design (Survival) Wind Speed 59.5 m/s (133 mph)
Weight (lbs.) 111,300
Design Lifetime (yrs) 20

Turbine Rotor

Number of Blades 2
Orientation Upwind
Axis (nominal) Horizontal
Rotation Clockwise
Blade Material GRP / Carbon
Rotor Diameter 54 & 59 m (177 & 194 ft)
Swept Area 2,290 m²
Rotor RPM at rated output power 25 rpm
Speed Control Stall
Normal Shutdown Brake Hydraulic disc brake on rotor shaft
Emergency Shutdown Brake  
Blade Pitch Control Aerodynamic blade tip brakes
Yaw Control Hydraulic drive motors


Type 4-pole induction
Voltage 600 / 690 VAC
Frequency (Hz) 60


Type Gearbox

Brake System


Support Towers

Type & Material Welded steel tube, painted


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