100kW Wind Power

Small Industrial Sites, Small Communities and Municipalities School Commercial Farms or Remote Village Wind Diesel Power Systems

The 100kW unit is a technological masterpiece with its innovative gearless design best in class reliability and pleasing aesthetics. The turbine is optimized for low wind speeds so you don’t have to live in a wind tunnel to benefit from wind power. Our turbines begin making power at wind speeds as low as 3.5 meters per second (7.8 mph) and can provide clear economic benefits in all kinds of wind regimes .

Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive technology maximizes energy capture and outperforms conventional gearbox designs. A state-of the art power converter design provides smooth, clean power to local grids simplifying grid interconnect and adding to grid stability.

Turbine System

Model SURNPS 69-100
Rated Kilowatt Output 100kW
Cut-In Wind Speed 3.5 m/s (7.8 mph)
Cut-Out Wind Speed 25 m/s (56 mph)
Rated Wind Speed 14.5 m/s (32.4 mph)
Max Design (Survival) Wind Speed 59.5 m/s (133 mph)
Weight (lbs.) 16,100
Design Lifetime (yrs) 20

Turbine Rotor

Number of Blades 3
Orientation Upwind
Axis (nominal) Horizontal
Rotation Clockwise
Blade Material Glass Fiber
Rotor Diameter 21 m (69 ft)
Swept Area 3,739 ft²
Rotor RPM at rated output power 59 rpm
Speed Control Caliper brake, dynamic brake
Normal Shutdown Brake Generator dynamic brake and two motor-controlled calipers
Emergency Shutdown Brake Generator dynamic brake and two Spring-applied calipers
Blade Pitch Control Fixed
Yaw Control Active, electromechanically driven with wind direction / speed sensors and automatic cable unwind


Type Three phase, Permanent magnet, passively cooled
Voltage 48OVAC
Frequency (Hz) 60/50


Type No gearbox (direct-drive)

Brake System

Type Generator dynamic brake and two motor-controlled calipers

Support Towers

Type & Material Tubular steel monopole


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