40kW Wind Power

Small Industrial Sites, Small Communities and Municipalities Schools Commercial Farms or Remote Village Wind-Diesel Power Systems

The hub contains the device for varying the pitch of the blades. Contrary to most other small wind energy converters, the 40kW features the pitch control system of the blades giving the advantages of:

  • Automatic restarting after grid failure
  • No shutdown in strong winds
  • Constant frequency in stand-alone operation

The tower is of octagonal tubular steel construction. The electronic safety and control devices together with relevant instrumentation are housed in a switch cabinet on the tower pedestal. This switch cabinet also contains the power terminals for connecting the 40kW to the grid or to the consumers load.

Turbine System

Model SURNRG 41-40
Rated Kilowatt Output 40kW
Cut-In Wind Speed 3.7 m/s (8.3 mph)
Cut-Out Wind Speed 50 m/s (112 mph)
Rated Wind Speed 13.4 m/s (29.5 mph)
Max Design (Survival) Wind Speed 50 m/s (110 mph)
Weight (lbs.) 3,086
Design Lifetime (yrs) 20

Turbine Rotor

Number of Blades 2
Orientation Upwind
Axis (nominal) Horizontal
Rotation Counter Clockwise
Blade Material GFRP
Rotor Diameter 12.5 m (41 ft)
Swept Area 1,320 ft²
Rotor RPM at rated output power 100 rpm
Speed Control  
Normal Shutdown Brake Centrifugal
Emergency Shutdown Brake Electro-hydraulic power and speed control by pitch adjustment
Blade Pitch Control Hydraulic speed control by pitch adjustment
Yaw Control Active, electromechanically driven with wind direction / speed sensors and automatic cable unwind


Type Single/Three phase induction generator
Voltage 240/ 208/ 480VAC
Frequency (Hz) 60/50


Type Three-stage spur gear

Brake System

Type Integrated disk brake

Support Towers

Type & Material Lattice /Monopole


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